Make the Transition.

Mighty-Merge® Transition Fittings

All contractors need to transition between raceways. Bridgeport makes your job easier by engineering the industry’s most extensive line of change-overs. Need a change? Change to Bridgeport.

Slide and Set.

Mighty-Align® Slip Couplings and Connectors

No more wasting time positioning short conduit runs between equipment or joining racked runs. Just slide into position, secure, and you’re done.

Bushings Redefined.

Mighty-Rite® Split Bushings do more than just protect conductors.

No more burning through bushings or fighting with pullers. Install your bushings before or after pulling wire. Mighty-Rite’s innovative hinge adjust and aligns easier – even in tight spots.

Hold More. With Less. Anywhere.

Mighty-Hold® Universal Clamp Straps

Pack just one part to secure dozens of different jobs – even in corrosive environ- ments. Polyolefin coated model protects from corrosive chemicals. More job site problem solvers available only from Bridgeport.

Pack Less. Hold More.

Mighty-Hold® Universal Strap

Replaces three sizes of straps. Pack just one strap for 14/2 to 10/3 AC/MC and 3/8" steel or aluminum FMC. Now available in duplex to support two MC runs with just one screw.

Quality In.
Water Out.

Bridgeport Raintight.

There's a Bridgeport raintight fitting for just about any application – from patentend connectors for PVC jacketed MC cable, to self-aligning, three-piece couplings and innovative EMT solutions.


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