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Contractors see the advantages of tool-free, quick-install, armored cable connectors

AMC-50QI fittings save electricians time and money.

Contractors want a cable connector that cuts down on both labor costs and installation time and gets the job done right.  

Just ask George Casner, Jr., owner of Casner Electric LLC in Milldale, Conn. Casner explains why Bridgeport’s AMC-50QI fitting is so much better than the old-style, locknut-type connectors that take a long time to install and with no guarantee of a solid connection or proper grounding. “When you lock in the Bridgeport connector, it’s really in there,” Casner stated.

Casner also noted that when feeding the Bridgeport connector into where the cable is going to be grounded, there is less chance of a short circuit or a breaker tripping which can happen with a traditional connector. 

Bridgeport’s AMC-50QI is not only easy to install but easy to remove – a benefit the Connecticut contractor likes a lot. “Sometimes you overload connectors on one side of the panel but find you need to reposition a connection to the back or other side of the panel.”  Casner goes on to explain how the Bridgeport fitting is easy to pop out and reposition.

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Casner Electric Testimonial

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