Buy American

When you think American, think Bridgeport.
We're investing in our U.S.-based manufacturing operation in Stratford, Connecticut. New equipment, improving process automation and developing new products – all in the U.S. And still today, nearly two-thirds of our product volume is manufactured in the U.S.

Use the resources below to help you find the products and information you need for all your "Made in the USA" projects.

US Project Submittal Tool

Our Project Submittal Tool will assist you in the assembly of technical documents required to submit product data, MSDA sheets, or RoHS Compliance for approval.

To collect data for any Bridgeport product, simply click the "+ Add to Submittal" button at the top of any product detail page. Product information will be added to your Submittal including all available trade sizes, description & application data, material, dimensions, certifications and codes.

A counter will keep track of the number of items you have added to the Project Submittal Tool. To review and retrieve your submittal, just click on the "Project Submittal Tool" box in the menu bar. You'll be able to customize your submittal, email or print. It's that easy.